A renaissance man behind the name…

GraphicIT is a business name registered by Laszlo Miko to represent his wide range of professional creative solutions.

Laszlo works in the creative area since 2002. He takes part in founding and building index.hu, the first Hungarian online media. In the years later as well as today his most powerful part in the creative area to ‘create something from nothing’. Around the half of the projects he has done, were starter businesses or projects. His other most successful area is rethinking, redesign and rebuild an out of date layout.

He completed more than 250 projects for more than 100 clients in 17 countries on 5 continents around the world and most of his new customers became a long-term client because of his precise and high-quality solutions in one place for a valuable price.

Why do I think I’m a really lucky man? There are some reasons and one is that my job is my most loved hobby. Because of that, the work makes me happy and success fills me with a great feeling.

—Laszlo Miko

My short story

I have been interested in visual arts since I was a teenager. Unfortunately, I had no access to a college or university at the time which offered applied visual arts education, so I had to learn the necessary skills on my own. Shortly thereafter I had the opportunity to work with some expert photographers and graphic artists allowing me to improve further. My skills and experience now cover a wide range of Creative Arts techniques, allowing me to fulfil complex tasks as well as to develop custom solutions for specific purposes.

Skills and Experiences


Graphic Design 95/100
Web Design 90/100
UI/UX Design 100/100
eBook Typography 90/100
Packaging Design 80/100
Photography 85/100
Video & Audio 75/100
Multimedia 70/100
Presentation 85/100
Development 90/100


HTML / HTML5 95/100
CSS / SESS / LESS 95/100
Javasript / jQuery 95/100
AJAX 80/100
XML / JSON 95/100
PHP 85/100
API 90/100
Wordpress 95/100
Bootstrap 85/100
Host Management 95/100

Software / App

Photoshop 90/100
Illustrator 85/100
Indesign 85/100
Premiere 70/100
After Effects 85/100
Audition 70/100
PHP Storm 80/100
GitHub 75/100
Microsoft Office 80/100
Windows / Mac OS / Android 90/100


Creative 100/100
Hardworking 90/100
Teamworker 80/100
Accurate / Precise 100/100
Flexible 85/100
Innovative 80/100
Practical 90/100
Loyal 100/100
Patient 80/100
Working Abroad 95/100

Took part in big things



Ministry of Defence

1989 – 1993

During my obligatory national service, I worked in the Ministry of Defence in Hungary. When I accomplish my service, my chiefs found my skills and experiences valuable, so they offered me a civilian place and asked me to stay in my position. My programmer side rooted at that time.

graphic designer



1994 – 1997

GRAPHISOFT® ignited the BIM revolution in 1984 with ArchiCAD®, the industry’s first BIM software for architects. I was one of two graphic designers who worked on all outgoing print and digital materials including documentation as well as product and corporate image.

art director



1997 – 2003

Index.hu was the first real online news portal in Hungary and it is still one of the biggest to date. I contributed to the foundation of the site and company and thereafter I was leading the design group of both insider and outsider projects which included online solutions like web design and development.

designer, creative


hat Ad Agency

2003 – 2005

I worked on advertisement campaigns, corporate entering, corporate and product identities as well as display, presentation and product packaging designs. My work followed creative work from concept to final production phase including almost all intermediate tasks.

creative designer



2005 – present

After quite some deliberation, I started my own business due to changes in the Hungarian market. I moved with my family and business to Galway in Ireland in 2009. I have been working with different business customers worldwide as an entrepreneur ever since.

designer and developer



2016 – 2018

I got a very interesting position at Sportlomo where I can use multiple skills and experiences. I work on user interface improvement and increasing the user experience. I also worked on great new features like automatic competition management as a front-end developer.

Do you really need a big team?

Big teams result sometimes nothing more than one good professional

There are many advantages of a big team. But think it again…

A big team needs more space, more tools, more leaders, more support, more…, more…, more…, and that results in more expenses. Don’t chase rainbows, that make high prices to you as a customer.

Sometimes you have to use teams to get things done. But there are a lot of assignments that don’t need big teams to get it done. You can get it for less and maybe faster and better.

The words are one thing. But there are great pieces of evidence too.